Minimalist Wardrobe Color Palettes

48 beautiful and cohesive color palettes, specifically designed for minimalist wardrobes. Use them to adjust the colors of any of our capsules, or apply to your current wardrobe. Each palette consist of 3 main colors, 2 neutrals, and 4 accent colors—all in perfect harmony. Guaranteed to have something for every preference and complexion! Includes brief instructions about how to use colors.

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Verified Customer Reviews

The palettes are very useful and also very inspiring. I've discovered combinations I would never have thought of.

Johanna L.

I've always been a “black, white, and gray” kind of person. These palettes showed me how to incorporate color without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you!

Sabine W.

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to add some color to my wardrobe, but I’ve been unsure of “proper” combos. This is exactly what I needed.

Nathalie A.

All color advice so far has always felt too difficult to grasp. Here I just picked and chose. Found the perfect palettes I’m going to alter between during different seasons.

Monica T.

Product Specifications

Scales to all devices

Browse on your laptop at home or use the palette pack as a shopping guide on your phone while you're out.

High resolution colors

Visualize your wardrobe's potential with crisp, vivid, and accurately represented color swatches.

Palette descriptions

Each palette comes with a brief description of the psychological feeling it conveys.

Instant download

After payment, you get an instant link by email to download your premium PDF.


What is the main use of this color palette pack?

The point of our Minimalist Wardrobe Color Palette Pack is to offer pre-made color combinations that are guaranteed to work in harmony, thereby creating an elegant look for your outfits. You can select the palette that resonates with you and apply it to either our capsules or your existing wardrobe, ensuring a cohesive and stylish appearance.

How do I use the palettes?

To use the palettes, simply select the one that appeals to you and apply its colors to your wardrobe. There are brief instructions on how to use main colors, neutrals, and accent colors. You can use the chosen palette as a guide when shopping for new pieces or to reorganize your existing wardrobe.

How strictly should I follow the palettes?

In the end, you’re free to wear whatever combination of colors you prefer. Personal preference is essential, so it’s completely up to you. That said, the colors in these palettes have been designed to create guaranteed harmonious combinations, adhering to general color theory.

Are the palettes suitable for men?

Yes, these are completely unisex.

How will I receive the palette pack?

The buying process goes like this: click/tap buy now, complete the checkout, check your email for a download link, and enjoy the inspiration!