We help people simplify their wardrobes for an easier life.

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A minimalist wardrobe benefits everyone, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle.

Feel better in your clothes, free up space, increase mental clarity, and save time getting dressed.


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Letting Go of Unneeded Stuff - A Mini Course

Learn how your brain is rigged to keep unneeded stuff, and what you can do about it to live freer and happier.

  • Noticeable impact on your well-being

  • A skill for a lifetime

  • Efficient learning

  • Reliable information

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Cirrus No.2 Steamer
USD $135 In Stock

Steaming is a great way to remove wrinkles and freshen up garments that look and smell a little worn, but don’t really need to be washed.

Clothing Brush
USD $28 Sold Out

A gentler alternative to plastic sticky rollers, and doesn’t have to be replaced every few weeks.

Yuzu Fabric Spray
USD $23 In Stock

Quickly freshen up clothes that you’ve worn for a day or two, by neutralizing odors with the Yuzu Fabric Spray.

Pilo Fabric Shaver
USD $45 In Stock

Make worn out, pilled clothes look as good as new again with the Pilo Fabric Shaver.

Wool Dryer Balls
USD $28 In Stock

Throw these wool dryer balls in the dryer and reduce drying time by up to 30%.