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Beautifully designed, ready-made capsule wardrobes—in flexible, high resolution PDF format.

Start with the year-round core capsule and expand as you need. Expansions work alone or together with the core capsule.

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Verified Customer Reviews

I’ve had this vague idea of my perfect wardrobe in mind for years, but I haven’t really been able to visualize it, let alone put it together in a way where pieces mix and match well. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Your capsules solve this completely. I’m going to do a few changes, but that’s easy.

Gabriella F.

Gives me much needed validation for how to combine outfits. Like, I could’ve put these outfits together myself, but would’ve second guessed myself countless times. Thank you!

Anna A.

Huge help for outfit ideas and packing for travel. Love the linked brands too!

Stephanie G.

I haven’t even bought any of the items yet, just the outfit examples alone have “unlocked” lots of new outfits from my current wardrobe.

Sarah J.

I bought both the year-round core capsule as well as the fall expansion capsule and really love how they work together. I’ll probably buy the winter capsule too a bit later. Excited to start making the necessary decluttering and additions for my wardrobe!

Sarah R.

Truly the perfect foundation for a wardrobe I’ve always wanted! I appreciate the links too. I own some similar alternatives already and prefer shopping locally, but your suggestions will be a good backup. Thank you!

Maryam K.

I remember your earlier capsules, and these new ones are even better! At least the core and fall ones I got. Really feels like a “shortcut“ to being stylish. Not every outfit is for me, but there are so many that it’s definitely enough.

Claire B.

The capsule I bought gave me lots of ideas. Very practical. The outfits are timeless, and the links are handy.

Karen J.

I’m in South Korea, so some of the brands linked here aren’t available for me, but I can probably find the missing pieces myself. The capsule pdf is still VERY useful. I could never in a million years put together a wardrobe that works so well. The outfits are great and easy to copy. But because of the links I give it 4 stars.

Hana Y.

This gives me the blueprint for a simple wardrobe I’ve always wanted + more outfit ideas I will ever need. Good value for the money.

Marie M.

Why People Love Our Capsules

Get a fresh start for your wardrobe

Building a functional base for a wardrobe can be difficult, and is often the roadblock for curating minimalist wardrobes. Fortunately we’ve done the hard part for you. Copy as is or make changes that work for you.

Never run out of outfit ideas

Say goodbye to the dreaded "I have nothing to wear" moments. Simply pick and choose from pre-made outfits for different occasions, weathers, and formalities—effortless elegance guaranteed.

Discover timeless and versatile items

Everyone of our capsule wardrobes is built on very carefully chosen items with strict criteria. Get links to items with classic cuts, maximum versatility, and high quality—from brands we trust.

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Product Specifications

Scales to all devices

Plan your outfits of the week on your laptop or use as your shopping companion on your phone.

High resolution images

Easily visualize the outfits in real life with crisp, perfectly cut, and carefully assembled outfit images.

Links to all items

Click/tap on items in the full wardrobe view, or any single outfit, for easy access.

Instant download

After payment, you get an instant link by email to download your premium PDF.

Find Your Perfect Colors

Adjust the capsules or your current wardrobe with our beautifully designed color palettes