Wardrobe Staples: My 5 Favorites

The core of a curated closet will always be great basics.

If you ever tried creating a capsule wardrobe, you will surely have seen that the core of a curated closet will always be great basics. In this post, I’m sharing my personal 5 favorite all year wardrobe essentials.

1. The Button-Down Shirt

A simple button-down shirt is a wardrobe classic that can accompany you through all seasons.

My old denim one is included in every one of my seasonal capsules, as it is a perfect layering piece.

In summer, I’ll tie it around my waist and throw it on when I’m cold at night. During autumn and spring, I’ll wear it on its own, or as a cardigan, and in winter, I like to put a chunky knit on top.

The stonewashed denim gives every outfit more texture, plus, I don’t have to iron it, as the fabric is very soft.

2. The Striped Tee

Striped T-Shirts are easily combinable, whether with solids, other patterns, or even more stripes, and give a little twist to otherwise simple outfits. I love mixing my striped Tee with a floral strappy dress in summer or a patterned blouse in autumn.

The most important thing about a good T-Shirt for me is the fabric: It should not be see-through and should wash well, no need for wrinkly tops here!

3. The Dark (Skinny) Jeans

A great pair of dark washed denim will match every item in your closet! Whatever cut you favor, it’s essential that they fit you perfectly, and are comfy.

I have always been a fan of high waisted skinny jeans, and I love that you can dress them up or down so quickly. My all time favorite one, that I´ve worn for years, is a secondhand find.

Colorwise I tend to go for darker shades of denim for bottoms because I think they look more work-appropriate, and they don’t stain as easily (perfect for clumsy people like me).

4. The (Vegan) Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are basic wardrobe staples, they come in lots of styles, colors, and finishes, and they work with almost anything.

Whether you wear a classic, timeless one, or love your vintage Boho suede jacket, a leather jacket will be a match, no matter what style your wardrobe is.

My vegan biker jacket was a big investment some years ago, but I got so many wears out of it, that splurging on it was definitely the right decision.

5. The Everyday Sneakers

Everybody needs that one, beloved pair of comfy shoes that you can just put on and feel good in the whole day!

When choosing new shoes, you should always keep in mind that whatever color they are, they should complement your closet. Usually, I like to play it safe with black (I know, boring) but when I found these silver ones, I fell in love right away.

Silver is actually super easy to combine, but also a real eye-catcher!

These are the essentials I wear all year round, that fit me perfectly and go with everything else in my closet. Also, I like to wear these 5 pieces as an outfit too!

What are your wardrobe staples?

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