Tallis — Responsibly Sourced Knitwear and Accessories

The Founder of Tallis, Lilly, tells us a little bit about this interesting Switzerland based brand.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand. Is it just you behind everything? How long have you been in business and where are you located?

Hi! I’m Lilly, and I set up Tallis six years ago to create ethical accessories in my apartment in Geneva and it has grown a lot from there. We are now stocked in the biggest department store in Switzerland and have opened our first shop near the lake. It is my own company but I have always been surrounded by wonderful people along the way and my two little children who arrived over the same period. We have a lot of fun at Tallis!


2. Of all the products you sell, what’s your personal favorite?

This has to be my tippet which I have in charcoal with a blue trim. It hangs year round next to my coats and I must use it nine months of the year. In the bitter winter I use it as a big scarf which keeps out the famous Geneva wind ‘La Bise’. I even ski wearing it, over my ski jacket it looks like an amazing blue furry hood.

In the spring and autumn I throw it over a leather jacket or light knitwear. I grab it to walk the dog around the block without needing to think too much… if it’s very cold I wear it down like a poncho, if not I gather it round my neck for lighter coverage. Eating outside or having a coffee, I sling it over my knees if I need a little extra warmth.

If it’s not that cold I can scrunch it up in my bag without it getting creased. I have literally never washed it (don’t tell my mum that!) because it’s made of only natural fibres.

Have I said enough? I couldn’t live without my tippet and I get so many comments about it. I feel a million dollars wearing it because it’s special and valuable. I sewed the fur trim on my own tippet as it was one of the first ones we made, it makes me feel happy knowing that.


3. Name a brand you love, other than your own. Why do you love it?

I love Bee’s Wrap for inventing their bees wax food wrap, I will never buy clingfilm again.


4. Tell us something that most people don’t know about the fashion industry.

The skill level of the people who sew in factories and workshops is incredibly high, their creativity and tireless is taken for granted.


5. How do you see the future for ethical and sustainable fashion?

It will be mainstream.


6. Have you personally achieved your perfect wardrobe? If not, what do you need to improve on?

I have a capsule wardrobe consisting of a few key pieces in minimalist, block colours.  I wear a lot of denim, winter or summer, and then I layer up on top.  I wish I would be better at buying multiples when I come across the perfect pair of jeans or a white shirt.


7. Any particular future plans for the brand, that you could reveal for us?

We are going to launch a summer collection to complement our much loved winter wardrobe staples.  It’s time Tallis saw the summer sun!  I have kind of channelled that idea in our latest collection, using a summer palette from the beach including turquoise from a pristine ocean and blush pink from sand made from sea-shells.

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