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Style Fundamentals

Authentic style can't be copied. It has to be built from the ground up, taking into account your personal features, colors, values, and preferences.

Style Fundamentals teaches you the foundation for your personal style—which is essential to a lasting minimalist wardrobe.

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Created together with certified style coach Silvia Cosma

Silvia's strong experience in working with clients from all around the world with different backgrounds and aspirations truly helped us make this course into what it is.

What you'll learn

Precisely which cuts work for you
To choose colors that work for your natural beauty
What kind of style best helps you express yourself the way you want
How to use style to boost assertiveness, creativity, or other characteristics you aspire to improve
To build a source for ongoing style inspiration.
Lots of timeless and advanced style advice from our professional style coach

What people are saying

Rated 4.73 / 5.00 on average*
*updated April 2023
This course is a great tool for people who are looking for their own style and want to approach it in an unconventional way.

The lessons help you find tips on how to get to know your body shape better and the cuts that suit you best.You will learn how to look for colors that emphasize your beauty and you will get acquainted with the most popular styles.

Truly a great starting point in the process of looking for a style that will make you feel great in what you wear. Highly recommended!
Anna Nowak-Krzywańska
This course was such FUN! I used to have a general idea about my body shape, the colors that worked well with my skin tone and what fashion styles I preferred. After taking this course, I finally had measurable ways determine my actual body shape and best color palette as well as guidelines to follow (or break!) to achieve different looks.

My favorite part was the chance to really look at my clothing and what inspired me to discover a name and focus for my personal style! After taking the course, I was able to downsize my already minimal closet by keeping only the items that represent my style, work well with my body and coloring… now I only have items that I really need, use and love!
Jo Andes
Had some lightbulb moments while going through this course and at the end of it, it all just clicked!

I found this to be a wonderful resource that lays out the fundamentals on why certain wardrobe pieces work well, based on very easy-to-follow tips and examples. I now apply these concepts to my every day dressing and wardrobe preferences with ease.

Highly recommend this course to anyone, whether you’re just starting or in the midst of your personal style journey.
Sharon Then
This course teaches —  in a beautiful, inclusive way — how to find your very own style, how not to be scared to curate your wardrobe slowly over time and how to pay the most attention to fit and quality. It is so liberating.
Christina Barho
Clothes, shoes and accessories should make us feel great… and we need less than we think. We just need to find our personal style and dress only with the pieces that make us feel good, comfortable and that fit our current lifestyle.

I totally recommend this course if you want to find your style. As a former shopaholic and as a person that spent lots of money in clothes that I did not even like or fit… I would recommend you to invest on learning about yourself, your body and your style first.
A great guide that helps you choose the best pieces for you and your wardrobe. You’ll learn to find the items that look great on you—and therefore will never go out of style!It’s in-depth, but easy to follow along and perfect for anyone who has had trouble finding their personal style.
Jessica Kerley-Tanski
I was not born with a good sense of style, so at 27, I began looking for online courses that could shed some light on why the trendy cropped pants threw my proportions off and why Instagramable pastels made me look sick, not chic.

TMW and Silvia’s style course answered many of my questions! The course is excellent for anyone who, like me, struggles to effortlessly put things together and overthinks their fashion choices.

Now I have a better understanding of which clothes work for my proportions and what colors suit me best. When I create outfits, I can pinpoint exactly why something feels off and how I can fix it. Digging into my personal style so strategically really empowered me: I don’t have to constantly think about the clothes I’m wearing because I am finally comfortable in them. It feels wonderful, and I wish everyone could experience this transformation too.
Alisa Kozlova
Style Fundamentals is the basic stage of your journey to build your accurate timeless wardrobe. It will help you not only understand your body proportions, identify your right colours and style, but also help you becomes a smarter consumer. As a certified KonMari consultant, I can say that this definitely is the way to achieve a sparking joy wardrobe!
Sarit Sela
This course lays a good foundation when it comes to body proportions, colours and general category for style, and has interesting and interactive exercises to really make you consider your style, wardrobe and colour choices in a more thoughtful way!
Natalia Sophia
I really enjoyed this course. It opened my thoughts and provided lots of new inspiration. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to know how to take style into their own hands. I fully agree that this is the first step to build a cohesive wardrobe.
Ania Radosz
I wish I would’ve taken this course when I was younger. I’m turning 39 this year and have NEVER felt good in most of my clothes, but haven’t been able to figure out why… which makes me both happy and sad (for not learning this earlier). I will gladly recommend this to everyone I know!
New York
Exactly what I needed! I 100% agree that without knowing your style it's impossible to build a wardrobe that lasts. Pretty much all my clothing purchases ever have been based on trends and just seeing what others wear, without ever making the effort to figure out what feels true to me. Now I finally feel like I understand what I want to wear.
I was struggling to find my new style now that I’m no longer in the workforce. Being retired and in a new city (different weather) was tough! This course helped me get on track with a great look that fits me and my new environment.
I inhaled this course in a day. I was super keen to learn and whilst the outcome is pretty much what I thought, it’s given me confidence with colour and shape.I’ve already made a start sorting through my wardrobe and I’m having fun putting outfits together.I recommend this course to anyone that needs help in what to wear, how to wear it and work towards what has previously been the elusive minimalist wardrobe.
Best investment I've made in a while! I feel like getting dressed is fun again. After taking the course I've even managed to find a couple great pieces that I really like... something that hasn't happened in ages. Thank you.

Course syllabus



Lesson 1: Proportions Intro
Lesson 2: Identify Your Horizontal Body Shape
Lesson 3: Tips For Horizontal Body Shapes
Lesson 4: Identify Your Vertical Body Shape
Lesson 5: Tips For Vertical Body Shapes
Lesson 6: Identify Your Facial Shape
Lesson 7: Tips For Facial Shapes
Lesson 8: Bonus Tips For All Shapes



Lesson 1: Colors Intro
Lesson 2: Identify Your Contrast
Lesson 3: Identify Your Skin Undertone
Lesson 4: Color Psychology
Lesson 5: Applying Color to Your Wardrobe



Lesson 1: Style Intro
Lesson 2: Your Adjectives
Lesson 3: The 7 Major Style Typologies
Lesson 4: Build Your Moodboard

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Style Fundamentals
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