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Learn everything you need to know about putting together elegant, evergreen, and personally authentic outfits that make you look and feel your best.

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"The Style Discovery Experience has already proven to be extremely helpful for curating a wardrobe of pieces that I know will make me feel confident and allow my features to shine. My stylist was kind and thoughtful in her advice and took the time to really understand what was important to me when picking an outfit. She took my lifestyle and style into account when putting together my style guide.

The style guide really is an incredible resource! Having colours, cuts and examples of outfits in one place to refer back to has made me buy new items for my wardrobe with a lot more care and consideration. As someone who travels a lot for work, curating a minimalist wardrobe is invaluable and will allow me the freedom to play with different combinations of clothing, knowing all of my items are cohesive and are items I truly love and feel good in.

I could not recommend the experience more!"

Jessica V. from Australia

The Problem

Building a personally empowering style is a daunting process.

  • Most clothes aren’t designed for the average body. Finding the right fits can be frustrating.
  • Putting together a flattering color palette requires understanding color combinations and what works best for your natural features—while taking into account your own preferences. That’s no easy task.
  • Combining clothes into coherent outfits is science of its own.

And your options aren’t great...

  • Try to learn for yourself. It’s possible, of course. But it can take years, maybe decades. Some struggle with style their whole lives.
  • Copy someone else. Very rarely does this work. We’re all unique. No one has the same shape, natural colors, ambitions, and preferences. A copied style will almost always look and feel off.
  • Follow standard style advice. Again, we’re all unique. No one really fits pre-made boxes.
  • Ignore the problem. Style has the power of being an incredible confidence booster. The right outfits help you feel like you want to feel, and be seen as you want to be seen. Everyone should take full advantage of how style can lift you up.
The Solution

The fastest and most reliable way to master your personal style is with 1-on-1 professional guidance

In 3 sessions, one of our trained stylists will take you through the process of finding your unique personal style. We call this your Style Discovery.

The Deliverable

Your personal Style Guide. Forever with you.

The Style Discovery will result in you receiving a personalized Style Guide (PDF), crafted by your stylist. Think of it as the blueprint for your personal style, that guides and inspires you.

Radiate confidence by determining what's flattering for you—and dressing according to it.
Bring out your natural features and authentic personality with the right colors.
Align your style with your intrinsic ambitions and express your authentic self.
Learn to use each building block to put together amazing, effortless outfits.
The Benefits

What makes the
Style Discovery worth it?

Discovering your personal style is the foundation for your dream wardrobe. Here's what awaits you.

Look your best

Clothes have tremendous power to affect our appearance. Use it to look your best and to radiate confidence.

Feel your best

Wearing clothes that bring out the very best in you, and that are perfectly aligned with your values, ambitions, and preferences is a feeling everyone should get to experience.

Save money on shopping

When you understand your style from the ground up, you rarely miss when it comes to shopping for clothes. Invest in long-term staples—confidently.

Have fun getting dressed

Putting together outfits that bring out the best in you is not a chore. It becomes something you look forward to every morning.

Reach the finish line

There's no way to get stuck or become demotivated when you're working with professional guidance. You're being hand held throughout the process.

Learn a skill for a lifetime

Last, but certainly not the least, you'll actually understand how authentic personal style is built. No matter where life takes you, you have the ability to be your own personal stylist.

The Sessions

What to expect from the video sessions

1st Session: Intro (45 minutes)

Meet your stylist, chat about your unique needs and preferences, and establish your wardrobe goals together. You'll discuss some common beliefs about style that might hold you back and get to know the process of leveling up your style. At the end of the session, you'll receive a questionnaire and instructions on taking photos for your stylist to evaluate.

2nd Session: Interview (60 minutes)

Review your answers and photos with your stylist and dig deeper into how you want to look, feel, and what you want to achieve. This is your chance to talk about your struggles and frustrations with style—which your stylist will very likely be familiar with.

3rd Session: The Results (60 minutes)

Your personalized Style Guide is ready, and you’ll go through it together with your stylist. You’ll learn how to use this tool in your daily life to build your dream wardrobe and create a style authentic to you. You also get to ask for any possible changes or additions to the Guide—we want you to be 100% happy with the end result and excited to move forward.
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