What If You Could Rent Your Wardrobe?

Like Netflix, but for wardrobes.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about the fashion industry as a whole and how far behind the industry is when it comes to renting clothes. We live in a world now wherein we have access to almost anything with a small monthly fee.

Spotify and Pandora for music, Netflix and Hulu for movies and TV, Uber and Lyft and even car subscription plans like Care By Volvo for cars.

But what about slow fashion?

Imagine a rental brand specifically geared towards connecting people to slow fashion brands.

One that allows us to buy directly from a designer or brand that is trying to make a positive impact, whether that be through fair wages, using ethical materials, improving working conditions, or reducing waste production.

Renting clothes would be a perfect match for slow fashion. All the benefits of supporting an ethical, forward thinking brand – higher quality, artisanal clothes and accessories plus potentially supporting local communities – while getting to explore your personal style, and avoiding going broke in the process.

Clothes Are a Way to Express Yourself

I get it though. I do. Clothes are a personal purchase.

You wear it against your skin. You bring it into your home, into your closet, and into your world. It is something you wear out into everyday life for others to see. It allows people to get even the slightest glimpse of who you are. Even for just a split second while out at the grocery store or walking your dog. They speak for you before you even say a word.

Rachel Zoe says it best –

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

It’s personal.

But what if you could rent an article of clothing, test it out with your lifestyle and make an informed decision?

You love it. You hate it. You want to save up for the actual garment or you want to search for it secondhand. However you end up acquiring it, you know it is something you want to keep in your life.

Because let’s be honest. Slow fashion can be expensive and financially unattainable. And figuring out how slow fashion fits into your lifestyle often means trying many new pieces to see how these items play with your current wardrobe.

But with rentals, perhaps we don’t have to sacrifice our ideals and desire for quality, ethical pieces in our search for personal style.

So what are your thoughts? How would feel about renting clothes? Would it be something you’d be willing to do? Or give a try?

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