Shoe Grease

Shoe Grease

Allow your leather products outlive you by regularly moisturizing them with this organic shoe grease. Marketed for shoes (we didn’t name it), but works just as well with other leather items.

The lifeblood of long lasting leather

Leather has a reputation of being long lasting, which is true — but not without proper care. It will dry out if you don’t condition it regularly.

Lasts long

A little goes a long way and you don’t have to use it too often. You’ll notice when your shoes or bag seems a little dry and will learn to apply some grease before that happens the next time.

All organic

No harsh chemicals, just ingredients from the nature. You can rub it in with your fingers, as it does nothing but good to your own skin as well.

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Detailed Info

How to use

Use on clean leather. Spread a thin layer of the grease with your fingers or a cloth. Wait for five minutes before using the shoes or whatever leather product you moisturized.


Comes in a 60ml metal jar.


Beeswax, coconut fat, rapeseed oil, wool wax, and rosemary.

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