• Pilo Fabric Shaver
  • Pilo Fabric Shaver
  • Pilo Fabric Shaver
  • Pilo Fabric Shaver
  • Pilo Fabric Shaver
  • Pilo Fabric Shaver
  • Pilo Fabric Shaver
  • Pilo Fabric Shaver

Pilo Fabric Shaver

Make worn out, pilled clothes look as good as new again with the Pilo Fabric Shaver. Twice as powerful as conventional fabric shavers — ensuring efficient and gentle depilling.

Revives your wardrobe

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a fabric shaver can make. It truly has the power to revive old clothes to a condition that makes them seem new again — bringing back the feeling they initially gave you. Instead of shopping for new clothes, try making your tried and true ones as good as new again.

Steps up your thrifting game

A good fabric shaver is a pro thrifter’s #1 tool. Firstly, it allows you to buy inexpensive clothes that are in otherwise good condition, but have visible pilling. Secondly, you can sell your clothes with a higher price, as they don’t look as worn out.

Buttery smooth performance

A poorly made fabric shaver makes things just worse. If the blades aren’t sharp and if the engine isn’t powerful enough, the machine tugs the fuzzballs instead of cutting them cleanly off, many times ruining the garment. That’s not a worry with the Pilo Fabric Shaver and its powerful engine & super sharp blades.

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Detailed Info

How to use

The Pilo Fabric shaver can be used on all fabrics, even delicate ones such as alpaca or cashmere. Make sure to be gentle; no pressure is needed. Always keep the Pilo in motion, and make sure the surface below thee garment is even.

Voltage, frequency, and power

The Pilo Fabric Shaver can be used anywhere in the world, without a need for a converter. Voltage: 100V - 240V. Frequency: 50/60Hz. Power: 5W.


The battery allows for about 50 minutes of continuous lint removal, and takes five hours to fully charge. The package includes a USB cord to charge it with, however, please note that no plug is included. You can use a computer or a phone charger’s plug.


One year.

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