Letting Go of Unneeded Stuff — A Mini Course

Our research backed course helps you reduce emotional attachment to your belongings and makes letting go easier. Learn how your brain is rigged to keep unneeded stuff, and what you can do about it to live freer and happier.

Letting Go of Unneeded Stuff — A Mini Course
  • Noticeable impact on your well-being

    Overcoming your cognitive biases and getting rid of what you don’t need is a cathartic experience. The end result is a feeling of freedom and a mind at rest, plus many practical benefits.

  • A skill for a lifetime

    No matter your life situation, chances are that you’ll have stuff that don’t serve you anymore. It will always be useful to to accurately and rationally assess the true value items add to your life, and this course gives you that skill.

  • Efficient learning

    The course is designed to take you from A to B as fast and easily as possible. There is zero unhelpful fluff with the sole purpose of making the course longer. The material is easy to comprehend and the instructions simple to follow.

  • Reliable information

    Everything in the course is based on academic studies or advice from clinical psychologists. No guessing or feel-good tips.


More About The Course

Multiple cognitive biases cause us to hold on to stuff we don’t need. These biases make either pros of keeping or cons of discarding an item seem unrealistically big, making it difficult to let go of clothes and other objects—even when we have no use for them. This results in us missing out on the many benefits of decluttering, when we misguidedly and subconsciously favor keeping over discarding.

Studies and psychologists suggest that identifying, reflecting on, and internalizing our biases reduce their effect. The first half of this course examines all the major cognitive biases causing us to keep unneeded stuff, and methods to reframe your thinking.

After dealing with the biases, you’ll learn the best way to go through your belongings and discard items that aren’t adding value to your life. Done right, both documenting and discarding have been shown to decrease emotional attachment to stuff. The process outlined in the course is easy, practical, and as stress free as possible.

Claims in this course are referenced with evidence from peer reviewed studies, and we’ve followed the advice of psychologists for the actionable parts as well as the whole structure of this course. There is no filler content—only purposeful material. As far as we know, taking the steps outlined in this course is the fastest and most effective way to emotionally detach yourself from unneeded belongings, allowing you to reap the amazing benefits of minimalism.

Detailed Info


The course is text and illustration based, and can be done in your own pace. It includes minor assignments and a customized spreadsheet for listing and discarding your belongings.


The course starts with a few brief articles, referenced with research, where you’ll learn exactly which cognitive biases and other psychological factors make us cling on to stuff we don’t need, and how to reduce their effect in your decisions. Once you’ve recalibrated your brain, you’ll get to put your fresh learnings to work by decluttering your wardrobe (or whatever you want to focus on) following the method we created based on advice by psychologists.


We spent a good amount of time trimming the content to make the course as efficient as possible. The theory part is short and to the point, and there are a few activities sprinkled in to help learning stick. How long it takes for you to go through and declutter—that’s obviously dependent on how much you own. Our method is easy to understand, and we make discarding as easy as possible.


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