My Wardrobe Staple – Denim

How good ol' jeans can be the center piece of your wardrobe.

Being minimal means choosing well. In the wise words of Vivienne Westwood, “Buy less, choose well.”

That motto has always stuck with me and my minimalist journey.

You need to be able to pick pieces that will work with everything, creating 100s of outfits with only a few key pieces.

Denim Works With Everything

One of my absolute staples in a minimalist wardrobe is, of course, denim. Denim is the most versatile fabric because it fits seamlessly with almost any colour combination. It also translates across every culture and country.

Having one pair of blue and one pair of black jeans is key to minimizing the amount of pants needed! Blue jeans can be dressed down for any casual outing, as well as dressed up for evening events or dinners.

Black jeans can act as your work pant, as black jeans give off a clean put together look, without having to wear dress pants. They can also be dressed down for the cooler seasons! In this day and age, you even see denim on the red carpet.

Some of the easiest outfit combinations for an effortless, but chic, look include:

  • White t-shirt + blue or black jeans + sneakers/heel

  • Button down + blue or black jeans + sneakers/heel

These formulas guarantee a put together clean look, while being able to take you from day to night. Add your favorite accessories (and jacket for the cooler months) and you are good to go!

There are many different styles of jeans these days, some of which are quite trendy. I suggest sticking to a classic mid-high rise skinny or straight leg for a timeless piece that will last in your minimalist collection forever.

Quality Over Quantity

Another aspect of buying less and choosing well is to buy quality. Denim is an investment, but buying cheap jeans from Zara or H&M will not do you any good. They will only last one season and will eventually cost you more in the long run having to re-purchase every season.

If you can’t purchase sustainably, at least choose quality that you know you will be using for the next 20 years.

Minimalism and sustainability is a journey, so any step you take is a step in the right direction!

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