Motherhood with a Minimalist Wardrobe

Fast fashion can be especially addicting for stay at home moms.

Minimalist dressing does not come naturally to me.  When I was younger, I loved vibrant prints, mismatched socks, and big hair.

As a new mom, I became addicted to cheap, fast fashion — trying to catch up with the latest trends, no matter what they were, so that I would keep my edge, so to speak.

But I found that the “art of shopping” had become a major distraction from my life and my job as a stay at home mom.

I constantly spent money on things that had no long term place in my wardrobe and I was just plain tired of having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

That’s when I first decided to try my hand at the capsule wardrobe. Based on everything I was hearing, those 2 magic words would surely change my life!

I think the capsule wardrobe gave me a great starting point at overhauling my wardrobe, but it still took a lot of trial and error through the years until I began to experiment with a minimal style of dressing.

Now, when I walk to my small closet, getting dressed is easy.  The items are streamlined and ready to work for me, instead of the other way around.  Many of the pieces go together. I know what I like to wear and what fabrics feel good on my skin. And I certainly don’t bother to fuss with accessories.

Sure, occasionally, I still get distracted by the pretty things in store windows, but at this point I feel more put together and get more compliments on my clothing than I ever have before.  There’s less decision fatigue every day, which has made my job as a mom just a little easier.

And who wouldn’t want that!

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