Minimalist Wardrobe For Earth Mamas

An online course by Rachel Rainbolt

We have partnered up with Rachel Rainbolt, parenting coach and mom of three, and are proud to be able to offer this brilliant course to our readers.

As the name suggests, this course is aimed for mamas who want to achieve that perfect minimalist wardrobe. We don’t have to tell you how difficult and overwhelming that task seems, but Rachel really breaks the whole process down to simple and actionable steps.

What’s covered

1. Simplify

Simplify your closet, removing stimulation overload and decision paralysis.

2. Build

Build the pillars of your wardrobe by mapping out your specific needs using an essential but easy-to-follow formula.

3. Find

Find your singular shining pieces – 1 from each category that brings you the most joy.

4. Duplicate

Duplicate the essentials and edit for coordination.

The benefits

In one week, through a minimalist approach that incorporates intentional style identity, you will:

↠ be free of closet clutter

↠ get dressed each morning with ease

↠ enjoy more free time

↠ look beautiful

↠ be comfortable

↠ feel confident

In other words, start now and you’ll be happily putting yourself in all those photos with your children you post on Instagram.


You’ll receive a 33 page PDF workbook of pure awesomeness. Rachel has even included her own answers in the sections you get to fill in, so it’s very easy to apply everything to your personal situation. You’ll also get an hour long webinar where Rachel walks you through the course and a video tour of her closet.

From the bottom of our heart: If you are a mother, and you want that minimalist wardrobe and all the benefits it gives your whole life… there isn’t a better course or book for that, at least what we know of. This truly gives you all the steps you’ll need to transition to the perfect minimalist wardrobe. You won’t be disappointed.