Minimalism Is Not Boring

Who says minimalism has to be all neutrals?

First off, I want this post to be about loving and accepting each other’s personal style. Sure, someone else’s style may be different than your own, but that doesn’t always make it boring.

If anything, I think that’s what makes ‘minimalism’ style so much fun! Everyone has their own definition and applies it in different ways.

There are too many comments out on social media about how boring and vanilla minimalism is. I don’t think that’s fair.

To be honest, when I first started my journey to a smaller wardrobe at the beginning of the year, I was pretty underwhelmed by what was supposed to be minimalist inspiration. Outfits weren’t exciting, and many minimalists were sourcing from the same designers.

But the more I looked into it, and the more involved in the community I became, the more I realized minimalism is a personal journey. A journey we embark on for personal reasons. Whether we are looking to improve our financial health, clear out our stuffed closets (with nothing to wear) or gain back control of our lives, we all get drawn into the world of minimalism for different reasons at different stages in our lives.

However you look at minimalism, be it as a neutral color palette or in the number of items in your closet, it’s meant to be personal. 

Ok, still not convinced with all my personal style talk and how not boring that is? There are a few different ways to change up a look. But the number one thing to keep in mind is your color palette. That’s how you can still keep your closet small and working hard.

I don’t believe every piece has to match the other, but each should match most. And having a few fun, kind of out there items in your closet will do it good. It gives you a chance to look at your closet differently while having some fun.

Here are a few quick tips to up your minimalist fashion game:

Bold Accessories 

Nothing makes an outfit stand out like a bold accessory. A layered necklace, patterned scarf, chunky bracelets. I forgot how much I love my snake choker I bought 3 years ago. 

Colorful Shoes

If it fits into your color palette, why not add in a colorful pair of shoes? Or hey, what if it isn’t in your color palette? So many colors still work together, and how fun would it be with a small pop of unexpected color!

And if color isn’t your thing, a classic shoe with a twist is never dull. Maybe they have a cut-out? Or a slight pattern on them? Either way, it’s fun!

Statement Jacket

Nothing makes me more happy than a patterned jacket. Definitely more on the bold side, but it can be an outfit game changer. True, a jacket is harder to do in the summer months, but that’s what a light fabric is for. You know, for those places where the air conditioner makes indoors basically Antartica. 


Get crazy, and wear the bold accessory, with the colorful shoes and statement jacket. It’s meant to be fun! And you can pull this off because you’ve already done the leg work of having a color palette. So your outfit is going to match and you will rock it!

It is so important to support each other. Everyone has a different style, and we should be celebrating that. Not calling it boring. If we all dressed the same, now that would be boring. Let’s enjoy each of our unique styles. Cheers!

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