Minimalism Is Not a Trend

It's not something I'm going to grow out of. It's a lifestyle.

I grew up in a household that shopped as a hobby. When it was the weekend my mom and I would hit up the mall and every thrift shop in town. There was a time when I would get a new outfit almost every weekend. I even remember having an entire drawer dedicated to holding all my purses, and I was proud that I had 45 total.

Old Habits Die Hard

When I moved away from home and started to make my own money I followed these habits. At the end up the month I was just barely paying my bills and was never happy with what I had. I always wanted more. 

In 2012 I had just gotten married and my now husband and I combined our possessions into a tiny basement apartment. It was overly crowded with useless stuff we had bought as a way to make us temporarily happy. Something wasn’t adding up.

I started looking online for inspiration, I wanted a change. I NEEDED a change. That is when I stumbled upon The Minimalists and a lightbulb went off. I realized that “stuff” was never going to make me happy.

My husband and I spent the next 4 years decluttering everything we had accumulated in our lives. We started having money at the end of the month, money to pay off our debt, travel, and even save.

Minimalism isn’t about what you lose it’s about what you gain. 

  • I have gained financial freedom.
  • I have gained confidence in my style: I keep my closet simple and only wear my favorite pieces (hint: everything in my closet is my favorite). I do not wear what fashion trends say I “should” wear.
  • I have gained time to focus on my passions instead of keeping up with the cleaning of a cluttered house.

Minimalism is a way of life that make sense to those that want to experience life, not accumulate their way through it.

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