The Real Definition of a Minimalist Wardrobe
Busting some common wardrobe myths such as item count and color choices.

Don’t Let Your Wardrobe Make You Miserable

We need clothes for obvious practical reasons. Beyond that, clothes have the power to add or subtract value to or from our lives. Anyone can gain from the right type of wardrobe, but the best things in life are a labor of love.

Our current shopping habits result in wardrobes that make us miserable. We base our buying decisions on trends instead of what we truly need. Mindless shopping gives us quick highs that we often tend to prioritize over steady, long-term happiness.

The novelty of new clothes wears off quickly, and we end up with large, non-functional wardrobes we don’t enjoy.

Fun fact: The more diverse our choices, the less happy we are with our picks. And then there’s buyer’s guilt…

Fortunately, it’s possible to break free. Apply minimalism to your wardrobe, and you’ll soon be buying clothing and optimizing for real benefits. It’s not an easy shift, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Simply put, The Minimalist Wardrobe exists so that you can maximize the value clothes add to your life.

A Minimalist Wardrobe — The Solution For Everyone

Imagine a wardrobe where every piece of clothing makes you feel confident and expresses who you really are. A wardrobe where everything gets regularly worn.

That’s what a minimalist wardrobe is. It’s that simple. There is no magic number to reach. No particular color scheme that you’re forced to like. Just a highly functional wardrobe.

A wardrobe should never dictate your lifestyle. Your lifestyle should dictate your wardrobe. Therefore a minimalist wardrobe is the solution for everyone, regardless of lifestyle.

You might not be able to replicate that wardrobe you saw on Instagram, but you can create your own personal, practical minimal wardrobe: one that allows you to live your life to the fullest.

Anyone and everyone can have a minimalist wardrobe and benefit thereof.

Why Minimalism is the Key to an Optimal Wardrobe

Owning something has pros and cons. Physical items take up space, and they might require maintenance. Their value could diminish over time. It’s easy to overlook such factors when the dopamine starts flowing.

There are however items which add immense value. Owning a bed, for instance, takes up a lot of space. You need to clean in and around it and change its sheets regularly. The sheets take up shelf space and require resources to keep clean and maintain.

Still; the value a bed adds to your life makes it worth the effort.

Minimalism is about eliminating items with a negative net value. The tricky part is assessing what makes the cut. We tend to value things more than they deserve to be valued. We can try blaming things like marketing for our impulse buys, but at the end of the day the choice is ours.

Often, true happiness comes from relationships, experiences and freedom. Strive to own what you truly need in order live your life as you desire, and nothing more. Make each moment, and item, count.

Apply this to your wardrobe, and you’ll optimize the value it adds to your life. This is the philosophy of a minimalist wardrobe.

In fact, we encourage you to apply minimalism to all aspects of life, not just wardrobes. Clothes are only one of the many problem areas in people’s lives when it comes to consumer habits.

Fortunately that’s soon a forgotten problem for you.

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