How to Make a Minimalist Wardrobe More Interesting

3 style ideas for minimalists.

A few weeks ago I read a post in our Facebook community where the author shared her struggle finding inspiration for her wardrobe since the majority of the influencers treating sustainable/slow fashion and capsule wardrobes all shared the same boring (for her) style.

A style full of black, white, grey and camel. And I’d add linen to that list as well.

A lot of shapeless linen garments that may suit some bodies and styles, but probably not the majority of us. Unfortunately when I started my path towards a more sustainable wardrobe, I simply bought what I was seeing online.

After less than 6 months I sold both the tee and the coat. I only kept the black pants because I have no other black pants and I think they still suit my body if I wear something fitted on top.

Still, looking at these pics I’m like “who the hell is this girl?”.

So if you think this is the only way to go, STOP! Please don’t spend hundreds of dollars in something that’s not you.

And if you already did, well, there’s a ton of possibilities to sell your unwanted garments. If they’re high quality, you’re even gonna be able to retrieve a good amount of what you spent.

How to Find Style Inspiration?

So, how do you actually find inspiration for your capsule wardrobe? Don’t just look at sustainable fashion bloggers!

Follow them for their brand recommendations — many times you can find interesting stuff that way. Then use Pinterest to deeply understand what style you like the most and try on those garments in store.

Sometimes we love something like crazy but then we try it on and bleah, we hate it because it doesn’t suit our body shape — and that’s totally ok!

Why do you think stylists use super-skinny models? Because they wear pretty much everything with zero issues.

Believe me, I started my 20s at 83 lbs and now I’m at 120. It’s way more difficult for me to find the right garments now, but I’m healthier than ever.

So I’m totally ok struggling a little bit to find the right clothes to put on, no big deal.

3 Style Ideas

So yes, no need to buy anything until you have defined what you love seeing on you.

You can even just go to Forever 21 or other unethical brands to try on a bunch of styles! Later, you can to find the sustainable and ethical brands that sell what you need, but for now, just have fun!

To show you how interesting you can make things, I decided to put together a few ideas.

1. Rock-Chic

A lot of black on black on black but with bold details, like Dr. Martens booties and a studded bag, a huge ring with black stones and a biker leather jacket.

Play with chic pieces and more eccentric ones. Honestly, this is the style I’d love to wear and I’m trying to get there. Some details I’m adding soon are tons of rings, a black tote, chunky boots — if they pass the husband’s approval who says I look like Frankenstein with them because I’m only 5’2” — and some sleek super-high heels.

2. Earthy-Boho

Earthy tones are perfect for a boho capsule! They’re warm and usually go well together — think ochre and olive, rust and bone. You can go ultra bold with a fringed bag or jacket (or both!) and play with layering like crazy.

And let’s not forget jewelry, tons of necklaces, bracelets and rings. For winter? Huge blanket scarves and braided sweaters.

3. Clean Pastels

You may have a more delicate character and/or physical traits and want something less bold, with clean lines and lighter colors. You can pick so many different pastels tones and they’re pretty surely going to get together just fine. And don’t think that pastels can only be worn in spring. Act confident in your outfit and no one will even question your choice!

These three were just examples of some styles you can base your capsule wardrobe on, but there are so many more. Even a super fashionable jewel-toned capsule could be reality, just stick to a color family — yes, even if it’s super bold.

Just have fun and be 100% yourselves, because I know how empowering it is to feel beautiful and totally comfortable in our clothes.

I really hope you found some inspiration here and that these examples opened your vision about capsule wardrobes. To the next time!


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