How To Decide Which Luxe Item To Finally Splurge On

Read this guide before any big purchases. You'll thank us later.
Photo by Sarah Elliott
Photo by Sarah Elliott

So, you finally started to create your dream capsule wardrobe selectively curated with Everlane, Elizabeth Suzann, Only Child, and especially those Jesse Kamm jeans…well, at least on your Pinterest board.

While your mindset and expenses has shifted to shop consciously, sometimes the old-yet-secretly-cheap voice in your head whispers their unsolicited commentary about that new item on your wishlist.

And while that voice is banned from writing your #ethical instagram captions, it has saved you in the past from overspending or buying something you really don’t need.

But how do you know when it’s finally time to invest in a luxury item?

You’ve Done Your Research

Harper Jacket from ES made it on your wishlist and you can’t stop thinking about it. You’ve read over in-depth blog post, reviews, and even texted your friends about it for weeks.

Plus, you even took it a step further by stashing away cash to save up for it.

These are significant indicators that this high-end item is worth the splurge. Avoid items that bring about emotions of impulsivity because they typically result in buyers remorse.

You’ve Already Looked For An Affordable Version

You might be surprised at similarities in materials and tailoring between a cheaper jumpsuit and a more expensive one. I’ve found that sometimes my thrifted coat is way higher quality than one I’ve been eyeing online.

Always check the labels and descriptions. Look at pictures and even video of the garment on.

Plus if it’s possible try on the item before hand to compare the silhouette, comfortability, and how it looks with other items in your wardrobe.

Lastly, research how the well this item holds up over time. Buy whichever item you truly thought about and love.

It Can Realistically Be Worn With 50% of Your Capsule

Depending upon your location, some clothes can be worn year round while other clothes may need to be stored for a few months. But you only should splurge on it if it coordinates with half of your closet or you can create at least 5 outfits.

Statement ethical pieces are fun but if it doesn’t work with your current clothes then you’re just wasting money.

If You Can Buy Two Then You Should Splurge

This last tip is solely a financial advice I’ve learned from Myleik Teele, entrepreneur, international speaker, and CEO of curlBOX:

“If you can buy two then you a can afford it.”

It wrecked me the first time I read this on her Medium article. I thought why do I need to afford two?

Well, it’s absolutely pointless to buy something and be broke right after. It’s so important for us to not only be conscious about the clothes but to be conscious about why we’re buying something.

Are you shopping because you’re bored, sad, or treating yourself for the 13th time this week? Yes, those daily Starbucks drinks and Uber Eats count.

Just be mindful and responsible while splurging on anything, especially if it’s expensive.

As long as you’ve researched, compared versions, planned outfits, and can afford to then it’s time to invest in luxury items for your capsule wardrobe.

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