What is a minimalist wardrobe? How do you build one?

Learn this and more in under 10 minutes.

The Minimalist Wardrobe Fundamentals is an approximately 8 minute read and will teach you…

what qualifies as a minimalist wardrobe (A LOT of people get this wrong)

… the benefits of having one (why you should care)

how to actually start building your minimalist wardrobe (we give you the exact steps)

… and how to stay on the right path once you’ve laid your foundation (so that you don’t fall back to old habits again)


1. Understanding What A Minimalist Wardrobe Is

You’ve seen the perfect wardrobes on Instagram. Filled with only neutral colors and way too few clothes for your lifestyle.

“Looks great, but I could never be a minimalist” is a common reaction. Maybe you enjoy wearing a lot of color and your lifestyle requires a bigger wardrobe.

While these Instagram wardrobes can be considered as minimalist, they’re not the definition of the term. A minimalist wardrobe is simply a wardrobe, that doesn’t include excess pieces of clothing.

A person whose lifestyle calls for professional outfits, activewear, attire for fancy occasions and outdoor clothing, will naturally have a larger wardrobe than someone who can wear the same clothes to work and at home, and doesn’t have hobbies that require special clothing.

Your wardrobe should never dictate your lifestyle. It’s the other way around.

Versatile Staples Are A Key Part of A Minimalist Wardrobe

No matter the size of your wardrobe, certain pieces of clothing can bring down the total number of items in your wardrobe.

These so called wardrobe staples are what you build your whole wardrobe around. They work as the connecting garments to help you get as many outfit combinations as possible.

This is what allows you to have a small wardrobe, without sacrificing your amount of outfits.

Ethical & Sustainable Clothing

A minimalist wardrobe is often linked together with ethically and sustainably made garments. Being as small of a burden as possible to planet earth is definitely a part of minimalism.

However, sometimes you don’t have the chance to make the ethical and sustainable choice. It might be a matter of budget or availability.

And that’s fine. Just be mindful that the alternatives are there.

More and more conscious clothing brands are popping up all the time, so availability is becoming less of a concern. It might even feel overwhelming to find the brands that are right for you.

To help you get started with discovering ethical fashion, visit our shop.

2. Benefits of a Minimalist Wardrobe

A minimalist wardrobe will have a positive impact on both your personal life and our globe.

Easier Mornings Preserve Your Mental Energy

“What should I wear today?” will be a problem you can forget about. Decision fatigue is a real thing, and starting your mornings with less friction has been proven to make your whole day better.

Just take high achievers such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs as examples. They both definitely had minimalist wardrobes, and were known to wear the same clothes basically everywhere.

Zuckerberg has even publicly stated that the reason for him wearing the same gray t-shirt all the time is to minimize the need of decisions in the morning.

Of course you don’t have to go this far, but you get the point.

You Save A Lot of Money

Another huge benefit is that you’ll get rid of all the bad stuff that comes with compulsive and mindless shopping.

The obvious one is that you’ll save so much money on not going on regular shopping sprees.

If we were to get the stats on how much money we’ve used on clothing in our lifetime, most of us would probably agree that the value we’ve gotten out of it all is much lower that the price we’ve paid.

It doesn’t have to be like that, however. It’s actually possible to turn that equation upside down and make our clothing investments have a positive ROI (return-on-investment).

A $50 dollar shirt can bring more than $50 worth of value in your lifetime, as long as the purchase is carefully considered.

Well Thought Out Shopping Feels Way Better

When you eventually do buy one of the garments that goes into your minimalist wardrobe, it feels so much better.

You’ve thought about the purchase. You’re sure you’ll enjoy the piece of clothing for a long time. It goes well with most of the clothes you have in your wardrobe. You’ve considered alternatives.

This kind of purchase feels a hundred times better and you will feel more attached to the piece of clothing as well.

Sure it takes some effort, but it’s definitely worth it.

The Fashion Industry Is A Huge Polluter

By choosing not to shop fast fashion, you’re becoming part of the solution instead of the problem. The fashion industry is the number five polluter in the world, which is something that can’t be brushed aside.

As mentioned earlier, fortunately there are several sustainable clothing brands to choose from nowadays.

If you keep making more conscious choices and only do well thought out purchases, you will make a difference.

Empty Space Is Your Friend

Another thing that gives an incredibly good feeling is empty space. It almost feels like a huge weight have been lifted off your shoulders, when you minimize your wardrobe.

It’s very rewarding to see a wardrobe which not only isn’t jammed with clothes, but only has garments that you absolutely love.

It feels good to own less. It feels good to know that whatever given time or place, you know you’re only going to wear clothes you love, simply because you don’t own anything else.

For all of these reasons, we think everyone should strive for a minimalist wardrobe. The look of it is very personal, yes, but every single one of us can benefit from having one.

3. How To Start Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Okay, now you know what a minimalist wardrobe is, and you’re convinced why you should strive for one. The question that remains is, how to build one?

Understand That It’s A Journey

Firstly, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Depending on what your wardrobe looks like now, it might be a long and tedious journey to achieve your end goal.

Even in the best case scenario, it won’t be an overnight transition.

Even if you’d happen to have the budget to buy everything that’s going in your wardrobe, you need the time and patience. It’s vital that you take it slow and make decisions you’ve really thought through.

Otherwise it won’t be long before you’re suddenly not really feeling the ethically and sustainably made high quality silk blouse that was supposed to be one of the staples in your wardrobe.

Believe us, it’s way harder getting rid of that kind of clothes, than cheap clothing from your fast fashion days (which isn’t easy either).

Of course our lifestyles change and sometimes we make mistakes, but do everything in your power to eliminate these situations.

Examine Your Lifestyle

What are the activities you enjoy? What kind of outfits does your work require?

First try to come up with clothing that’s versatile enough to be worn in several settings of your life.

Of course you can’t go running with the same shoes that you attend your fabulous monthly gala with, but you might be surprised with how versatile a piece of clothing can be.

Find Your Style

Easier said than done for some people (and this is exactly why we offer the possibility of having a professional stylist help you).

Basically, it comes down to finding the pieces of clothing that makes you most comfortable. What kind of clothes do you feel represent your personality the best?

The hard part is that we’re constantly changing. Something that was you last year, might not feel right anymore. Fortunately, the frequency of these changes lowers as we get older.

Try to spend a whole evening just browsing Instagram or Pinterest for different styles.

What feels like something you’d be comfortable in?

Go Through Your Current Wardrobe

The minimalist wardrobe journey should always start with going thoroughly through what you already own.

A good general tip is to turn all your hangers the wrong way, and as you wear garments, put them back the right way. Within a week or two, you’ll easily be able to separate your go-to’s from the garments you might consider parting with.

Your current wardrobe might very well have clothes that are underrated or even totally forgotten by you. After all, at some point in your life you’ve felt that all the clothes you own have been worth spending money on.

Of course many wardrobes include results of impulse shopping that has no place in your life.

Pinpoint Your Key Staples (Super Important!)

This is the most crucial task in building your minimalist wardrobe. It’s also the most difficult one.

Getting your key staples right, because they are the pieces that help you minimize your wardrobe.

By getting these right, you’ll not only have a small wardrobe, but tons of outfit combinations to never get bored with your wardrobe.

Unfortunately this article cannot give you your key staples. They are dependent on your both your lifestyle and personal style.

Get Rid of Clothing Responsibly

Summing up Elizabeth Joy’s great article about getting rid of clothes, if you’ve decided that a piece of clothing has no place in your wardrobe, you have 4 alternatives.

You can share them with your friends. Sometimes something that doesn’t fit your life anymore fills a need in another person’s life. That’s the perfect equation.

If your clothes are in good condition, you can sell them. ThredUP is a great way to get some cash for your old garments!

Donating your old clothes to consignment and charity shops is always an option too.

Lastly, if the clothes you’re getting rid of are so worn out, that they’re beyond repair, you can recycle them!

4. Staying On The Right Path

Most of us have probably started something new and exciting and gone back to our old habits after a few weeks or months.

Building your minimalist wardrobe doesn’t come easy and there will be challenges along the way. Setbacks are natural and not a reason to quit altogether.

However, trying to avoid these setbacks with the best of your ability, will make everything easier and more fun for you.

After all, building a minimalist wardrobe is not a punishment (although sometimes when you’re at your weakest, it might feel like one), but a way to make your life better.

Here are some ways to stay in the right path.

Fighting The Urge To Go Shopping

Shopping can be very addicting. Especially if you’ve done it for fun for years.

The best tip to fight the urge to shop, is to unsubscribe from all promo emails. Same goes for following brands on Instagram.

Simply eliminate the temptation. This alone will make a huge difference.

Another good tip is to host a clothing swap. It’s where you organize a get together and everyone brings clothes they don’t use anymore, which you then swap.

Fun, social, conscious and free.

Remember The Benefits When Things Get Hard

If you find yourself cursing this whole minimalist thing when you know that it would be more fun to just go out shopping and buy whatever you want, go back to the benefits section of this page.

Better yet, write your personal reasons for starting this journey down now, so that you can go back to them when you start to doubt yourself (and trust us, you will).

Put them as your phone wallpaper. Make them your morning mantra. Do whatever it takes to remember why you made the decision to minimize your wardrobe.

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