Finding More in Less

Starting over and starting fresh is giving me the opportunity to really look at all the things around me.

When I started my journey towards shopping more intentionally, it began with only adding pieces into my home and my closet that I felt truly added purpose. I searched for pieces that not only supported a cause but were also things that I had searched for for a long time.

I’ve found the lines of need and want becoming blurred again and have found myself working harder to justify purchases. Sure the hand woven basket that helps women overcome poverty is a beautiful thing and will be great for displaying throw blankets but when I have three others serving the exact same purpose, do I really need i?

Is it better to leave it for someone who will truly appreciate it and gain value from it? The stories behind these pieces are so inspiring, but it doesn’t always mean that I need to be the one to purchase it.

As I’ve been struggling through these new realizations, it just so happens that I am going through a huge life change. I’m selling my 1,700 sq. ft home and downsizing to what will probably be a bedroom for at least the next few months.

In this transition though, I’ve been inspired. Inspired to truly look at the things in my home and my closet, and ask if they have all brought purpose and continue to bring purpose.

As I looked around and was brutally honest with myself, I realized that most of these items would be able to bring so much more peace and purpose to someone else’s home. Downsizing might be the greatest unexpected gift that I’ve been given.

I’ve begun selling the pieces that I quickly became so attached to because I thought they were the things that were going to make this house a home, but that simply couldn’t be further from the truth.

The First Drop Off Was The Hardest And I Didn’t Expect That At All

I watched as people drove away with my very loved pieces of furniture and the tears began falling. I had put so much value into these things to make me feel happy, make our home feel happy, and as I watched them leave somehow I felt like pieces of me were leaving too

As I’ve continued to sell the rest of our belongings, I have come to peace with all of it and I’m finding more peace in myself. The house might look empty, but in the emptiness I’m finding myself. The space has given me a sort of freedom that I didn’t expect and didn’t think was possible.

Without the four different kinds of tables throughout the house, there is more space. Without the many tv’s, I’m forced to get out and enjoy nature. And without the many decorative jars on the counter, things look so much cleaner.

I’m finding contentment and joy through myself and not the things. I think so often we look for things that we think are going to bring us happiness. “If only I had that gorgeous Moroccan rug, I know I’d be happier and this room would be complete” but true happiness can only come from ourselves. So I’m selling everything I own and I have to tell you, it’s been the greatest decision of my life.

I’m Rediscovering What It Is That Makes Me Inherently Happy

As I sell all the furniture, I have also begun the task of tackling my closet. I started packing boxes with clothes in preparation for the move and quickly realized there are so many things that have not been out of the closet in months, and some even years.

For clothes that I once thought was so valuable, I have quickly neglected it and it continues to add to the unnecessary mass of things that I have.

I’m working on my own version of a capsule wardrobe and as I make piles of things that I ACTUALLY wear, it’s so crazy to see the mountain of things that will soon bring so much more purpose to someone else’s closet.

Now, this is not at all propaganda for everyone to sell all their clothes and all their furniture.

I fully understand that there are things we bring into our houses that truly make it feel more like a home and I’m all for that. For me, it’s just finding that balance again between adding pieces that bring me joy and then continuing to add pieces just because. This is my call to action.

Starting over and starting fresh is giving me the opportunity to really look at all the things around me and ask the question that it all began with: is this really adding purpose and if I think it is what is the purpose? That’s really where it all begins.

(Photo credit for all photos goes to Seleste Villarreal.)

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