Why You Should Create Your Own Uniform and How To Do It

Never again have the feeling of "I've got nothing to wear".

We all have had that feeling of having nothing to wear – I give it up to the ladies who create their 10×10 wardrobes! But, this feeling of having nothing to wear, is exactly what feeds your consumerist thoughts in wanting to buy MORE. So, how can we avoid this? My trick is to create a personal uniform.

No matter where you work, what you are doing or what clothes you have in your closet, a uniform will always make your life easier. A uniform will have you ready to go on time, make you feel confident that your outfit is flattering, make you look presentable even though you threw everything together, and curb those urges to buy new pieces!

What My Uniform Looks Like

For me, this means finding a staple pair of jeans that look good with everything, and pair it with a white or blue top. This has now become my uniform!

I tend to stick to button downs, because I can easily dress them up or down depending on my mood. Of course, there are times I am not wearing jeans (shocker), but by having this outfit formula ready to go in my head, there is no stress or negative feelings towards my clothes/closet. It’s almost like a burden lifted!

Also, when you become a pro at accessorizing your uniform with jewelry, bags, and shoes, you will be shocked at how different and chic every outfit looks!

The Formula For Creating A Uniform

Now, making my uniform came with time. You have to find pieces that make you feel good and also flatter your body type. Once you have nailed down you own personal style, this will also make it much easier to put those key outfits together.

My tips to nail this down is to start with basic shapes and colours and grow from there! Find what YOU like for yourself and then narrow it down to a single formula of:

TOP + BOTTOM and know you can add SHOES + BAG + JEWELRY to spice it up!

If you are looking for a pair of staple jeans that are consciously made, check out my page and shoot me a DM at @SimplySuzette 🙂

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