The Minimalist Wardrobe Consultation: Get Your Personal Wardrobe Recipe

Overall, what started out as being kind of a nerve-wracking concept ended up being one of the most useful exercises I’ve ever done with my wardrobe. – Kellie, The Wholehearted Wardrobe

Get a Personal Styling Consultation by Professional Fashion Stylist Lauren Engelke

Finding your style is the most important step in eventually achieving your perfect minimalist wardrobe, but it’s no easy task. You want to move forward and start picking wardrobe staples to build around, but you don’t want to choose something that you’ll regret in a few months.

Getting the foundation right and having a clear path to your end goal is crucial, and will not only save you money, but also help you reach your goal a lot faster.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with professional sustainable fashion stylist Lauren Engelke, who has agreed to offer 1-on-1 half hour styling consultations (via Skype) on a first-come, first-served basis, for up to 20 people. These kinds of consultations could easily go for several hundred, but Lauren has agreed to do these twenty for $75 per consultation.


(You’ll be taken to a secure page to pay for the consultation. Lauren will be in touch with you within 48 hours to schedule it.)



Who Is This For?

This is for anyone interested in having the perfect minimalist wardrobe, but isn’t there yet.

Ideal for those who are in the beginning of their wardrobe journey (or haven’t even started yet), but suits very well people who have been working on their wardrobe for a while, too.

Even if your just bored with your outfits, or have an entirely different question you want to ask a personal stylist, this is for you!

If you’re unsure about what the correct key staples for your wardrobe are, what kind of style and fit compliments you, how to cope with the urge to go shopping or how to let go of clothes that don’t fit your wardrobe, Lauren will help you with all of these!


What Will the Consultation Be Like?

The Consultation will be three easy steps:

1. Pre-meeting questionnaire. After you sign up, Lauren will send you a quick email asking about your tastes, any questions you might have, and what you are looking to achieve, so she can tailor the experience precisely to you. You will also be able to schedule the meeting at this time. Don’t worry, she’s super flexible with scheduling. 🙂

2. Skype Consultation. You and Lauren will start off with your questions, whether you want guidance on how to part with clothes that have sentimental value or where to find sustainable garments for curvy women. Together, you will determine your perfect Wardrobe Recipe. And just before you sign off, she’ll give you ideas for how to mix up your wardrobe with small changes.

3. Follow up email. You will cover a lot of ground in 30 minutes, so Lauren will follow up with a handy email with notes, and offering next steps, from your meeting.


What If I don’t Like It?

Trust us, you will. But we still do offer a full refund for everyone who didn’t think they gained anything or who thought the $75 wasn’t well spent. Just email us afterwards and we’ll refund your full purchase.

Also, don’t just take our word for it. This is what a couple of our guest bloggers, who went through with the consultation, had to say:

I’m already well into my slow fashion journey, but having a consultation with Lauren helped to give me a wonderful structure to downsizing the items in my wardrobe that had been hanging around for a while, for no particular reason. If you’ve ever wanted to downsize and are afraid of purging too much and being left with nothing, Lauren’s insight is so valuable to guide you in the right direction to keep your wardrobe right for YOU, minimalist, but still exciting.

Even more than that, it’s rare to find a stylist who has excellent manufacturing and sustainability at the centre of all she does. She’s a wealth of knowledge on ethical brands that’ll fit your style, so you don’t have to worry about scouring the web for the best fit. – Sara, Petra Alexandra


Admittedly, I was pretty stressed out before our call. I was worried about having my wardrobe critiqued, and I also wasn’t sure what to wear on Skype to not look like a total fashion disaster (can you tell I was overthinking this?). Of course, all these concerns were totally unwarranted because Lauren set up our call to be as fun and productive as possible. – Kellie, The Wholehearted Wardrobe

What happens when you book the consultation?

  • You’ll be taken to a secure page to pay the $75 (+ tax for EU citizens).
  • Lauren will email you within 48 hours with the questionnaire and to schedule your consultation.