Changing Seasons and Changing Habits: How Seasonal Closet Swaps Help Me

No more digging, no more repeat buys and less time getting ready.

When I was a little girl, I remember my mom switching out the clothes in her closet every season. It was always this sort of ceremonious cleansing. She would encourage my sister and I to do the same, but of course we never did.

Something about seeing my closet packed full gave me a sense of satisfaction, and I carried this on even when I moved out on my own. It wasn’t until last year that I looked at my closet in the middle of June and just thought “Why is this so full?” It didn’t take more than about 5 seconds of looking at my closet to see all the winter sweaters that were still hanging with nowhere to go.

As I started pulling out sweaters, I discovered hidden pieces of clothes that I forgot even existed. I thought to myself, maybe my mom did know what she was doing. She had tried to tell us how valuable it would be to switch out your closet at the end of each season, and now I finally understood.

As I’ve started clearing out my closet each season, it has changed a few things about how I shop and how easy it is to take inventory of what I have.

1. No More Digging

With more space and less stuff, I’m able to see everything clear as day. I’ve noticed the biggest difference with this being during the spring and summer months. My tank tops and shorts would be the first things to get buried in the mess of sweaters. I can remember numerous times of not being able to find something, going out and buying another one, only to find it a few weeks later as I pulled something else out of my closet.

2. No More Repeat Buys

Last summer I looked high and low in my closet for a black tank top I knew I had. There was a solid week that I thought I had looked everywhere and still couldn’t find it. Naturally, I thought it was gone so I went out and bought a new one. When I finally had my closet revelation at the end of last summer, I’m sure you can guess what the first thing was that I found. Yup, it was that black tank top! Although they both get used, it still feels excessive to have two of the same exact thing when they’re both in perfect condition.

3. Less Time Getting Ready

In conjunction with keeping my closet seasonally appropriate, I also organize it by categories. Tanks go with tanks, shorts with shorts, tees with tees, and so on. I feel like this has cut down my getting ready time by half. Now I can picture what I want to wear, see it, and be done.

I have an extra large bin that I use for all my seasonal swaps and tuck it away in a storage closet. I went with a larger sized bin because I didn’t want to have to buy multiple plastic totes as I added to my closet over the years. So far, it’s worked out great and I have more than enough room for each seasons clothes. It’s really all about evaluating what’s going to work for you and where you live.

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