Why Steamers are Becoming so Popular Among Minimalists

The Minimalist Wardrobe

They're one of the few things even minimalists want to add to their lives.

Why Steamers are Becoming so Popular Among Minimalists
Illustration by Hannah Beasley

When you get inspired by a minimalist lifestyle, you look high and low for things in your life that you can do without. There are lots of things you can get rid of when you realize you hardly ever use them.

However, some items you'll want to hold onto, or even buy, to make your minimalist life simpler and easier.

One of these magical items is a steamer. We’d argue it’s an essential tool for any minimalist—as long as you still own clothes, that is.

Here are the major reasons why steamers have become the most popular item in our shop, and why they’re here to stay.

You Seriously Reduce the Amount of Laundry

Nobody enjoys doing laundry. It’s a never ending, mentally unrewarding chore. But it has to be done.

The good news is that steamers significantly reduce the amount of laundry you need to do. No longer do you need to wash clothes that simply look and smell a little worn.

Steaming a garment freshens it up; it kills bacteria, removes odor, and lifts fibers to make it look unworn again.

A steamer doesn’t clean actual dirt or stains—clothes still need to be washed from time to time. What it does is eliminate unnecessary laundry.

Steaming is Superior to Ironing

Clothing irons are heavy, make clothes crisp, need a huge board to be used, and can damage the fibers in your clothes.

Handheld steamers, such as the Cirrus No.2, are lightweight enough to pack with you on your trips. And no board needed.

The finish is much more casual than with irons, which is usually the desired result for everyday clothes. Steamers are able to effectively get rid of wrinkles, without making clothes crisp or boxy.

To top this all off, they manage to be gentle enough to not damage the fibers on your clothes.

The End Result: Your Clothes Will Look and Feel Good for Years

Reducing laundry and ditching the iron amounts to one major thing: your clothes will last longer.

Your favorite pair of pants might look as good as new after years of use, when you haven’t put them through unnecessary abrasive cycles in the washing machine.

Your shirts could all still be in pristine condition in 2030, if instead of an iron, you’ve removed the wrinkles with a steamer.

We tend to encourage you to get rid of stuff, but steamers are a rare exception. Ultimately they lead to you wearing clothes that look and feel better, and reduce the need for you to buy new ones.

That’s why this addition to your life is worth it—even for minimalists.