Slowing Down in Style:
 4 Ethical Loungewear Looks to Wear Outside

The Minimalist Wardrobe

How to take your stay-at-home comfies outside without sacrificing style.

Slowing Down in Style:
 4 Ethical Loungewear Looks to Wear Outside

Written by Alisa Koz


The comfort-over-fashion era has begun. As the virus continues shaking the world and we navigate the 'new normal,' the loungewear trend keeps gaining popularity.

Many, if not all of us, experience some level of uncertainty and anxiety due to the pandemic. In times like this, making our bodies comfortable is an essential expression of self-love, but it doesn't mean we have to give up aesthetics. If we have to slow down, why not do it in style?

Today's article will show you four simple looks that don't make you choose between comfort or style.

We've partnered up with hernest project for this article.

Led by women for women, hernest project makes go-anywhere and do-it-all looks possible. This size-inclusive loungewear brand is a rare gem that doesn't make us choose between ethics and sustainability and offers eco-friendly pieces made to last.

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The Simplicity of a Sweatshirt

Not everyone will relate, but I've always felt intimidated by sweatshirts. They are 'lazy' to me, and I struggle to elevate the looks build around this item: whenever I wear it, I enter a couch potato mode.

This buttery soft wonder, however, combines the comfort of a sweatshirt with a classy crewneck look. It comes in six colours and is made from TENCEL™ mixed with organic cotton.

I've tested the Lucille sweatshirt in different environments and always felt appropriately dressed. For my shameless naps and long WFH hours, I wear it with lounge shorts, and when I'm outside, I pair Lucille with denim (the easiest way to upstyle the look). Hopefully, soon I'll be able to wear the piece somewhere fancy, too. A pair of high-waisted trousers and a pop of lipstick should do the trick.


Breezy Tees and Freedom of Movement

The clothing piece I like even more than jeans is a high-quality crewneck t-shirt. This one is made with silky TENCEL™, which saves 262.6 days of drinking water in comparison with regular cotton.

Logan Tee is long enough to be worn untucked (beautiful drape) or tied in a knot for a cropped top look. If you live a bra-less life like me, you'll be glad to hear that the tee doesn't show through, even though it's so light. On a separate note for curvier women: Logan's round neck is comfortable but not deep and won't expose cleavage.

The tee comes in three colours and is the breeziest t-shirt I own! Maybe that's why I mostly wear it to sleep, although I got to style it with straight leg and mom jeans, wide-leg trousers, and tailored shorts too. What doesn’t go well with tees, right?


Lounge Dresses’ Versatility

I thought I wasn't a dress person, and then I wore this flowy one. With pockets!

Frankie Lounge Dress is for those who prefer trousers. The dress falls right below the knee, which is a perfect length to move freely. Silky TENCEL™ makes the dress thin but not see-through. So if you stand against the light, you'll see the body's outline but never the skin.

Frankie comes in two colours — the serene dark blue and the fun blush that I'm wearing. I tested the dress in 35°C (95°F) where I live, and I swear by its breathability. I also took it on a trip to a fresher place (16°C or 60°F) and played around with layers there: I wore the dress with a jumper, a biker-style leather jacket, a denim jacket and a trench coat. Looked cute without any effort!

This lounge dress is a solid wardrobe staple to have on rotation — home or outside. If you are looking for a piece like that, take advantage of the 10% discount with the code TMWXHERNEST.


Basic Tops and Longevity

When we think about ethical fashion and a minimalist wardrobe, it's hard to avoid talking about longevity. The longer our clothes last, the lesser we harm the planet and the ‘greener’ our closet gets.

This Veronika Tank is one of my oldest pieces from hernest project. The top, paired with thin joggers, has been my loyal Pilates companion for over a year. At home, I wear it with black shorts for a faux jumpsuit look. In summer, it looks excellent with flowy linen trousers. The top still has no pilling and holds shape — all thanks to durable TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres manufactured in a closed-loop process.

Veronika comes in five colours, adds variety to your curated wardrobe and is gentle on the environment. It is a sleep tank, layering tank or summer tank — many in one, whatever your needs are.


One item, many ways!

Even though the pandemic brought countless negative changes into our lives, it did one thing right: it reminded us to appreciate what we have and make good use of it. Your new or old comfies don’t belong solely to your quarantine capsule — play dress up, get creative with them! Your options go as far as your imagination does.

If you’d like to repeat the outfits you saw here, use our 10% discount code TMWXHERNEST over at It is impossible to fit all of the tips on how to upstyle loungewear in one blog article, but hopefully hernest project’s versatile pieces have inspired you to experiment, too.