A Minimalist’s Guide to a Shopping Ban, and Why You Should Try It

It's kind of like a reset. Go back to understanding what you actually need.

The years before pairing down my wardrobe to what it is today mostly consisted of me buying mismatched items that I loved in the moment, but then came home to find they didn’t really match anything else in my closet. I had all kinds of pattern tops and bottoms but no true basics to pull everything together. 

I had no clear sense of style or how to build a cohesive wardrobe. Mostly I struggled with the classic “I have nothing to wear” but had a closet full of clothes. When we buy mindlessly we are not building a wardrobe, we are just filling a closet.

Out of desperation to break my shopping addiction and not live pay check to pay check I decided to stop shopping to “detox” myself of the habit. Saying no to yourself as an adult is a muscle that you have build. This helps you avoid mindless spending and ending up with a wardrobe that doesn’t do its job.

Dressing in the morning shouldn’t be difficult it should be something easy and enjoyable.

The Why:

When you are doing a shopping ban you are forced to get creative with what you have. You can start to see you clothing in a new light and find different ways to wear that top you have had forever. 

You start to find the true gaps in your wardrobe. Why do I not own a simple black tee? Write those items down, when the shopping ban is over, go over the list you made and see if you still feel the same way and these items would really help you round out your wardrobe.

Pay attention to what isn’t being worn and ask yourself why. Do you see a pattern in the clothing that just hangs in you closet but doesn’t see the light of day. Are you holding on to a version of yourself that you “think” you should be?

Let go of the unrealistic expectations and get rid of that tight pencil skirt that makes you feel uncomfortable even though you say a girl online look amazing in one.

The How:

Pick a realistic time frame. New to this? Try it for a month, and promise your self that you will not buy anything new for that dedicated amount of time. Feeling bold? Try it for a year and imagine all the money you will end up saving! Maybe even enough to take that trip you have always wanted to go on. 

Find new activities to fill the time you use to spend shopping. Go out side and take a walk or bike ride, go bowling, work out, or even cook. You will be surprised with how much free time you have when you are not constantly shopping. 

Take away the temptation. Unsubscribe from all the emails from companies you shop at. Unfollow the shops and bloggers that make you want to spend. You can always follow them back!

We are close to a new month so whats better than starting it with a shopping ban?

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