A Guide To Adventuring In Style

How to feel put-together and chic on your travel adventure.

For the longest time, I thought that going on adventures, travelling and camping were reserved for those reject clothes that were too past their prime to wear outside on an ordinary day.

Don’t get me wrong, I do still think it’s an amazing way to age-out the clothes that aren’t quite in their prime any more (it’s super environmentally friendly, minimizes fashion waste), but sometimes you also just need clothes that will work for the outdoors.

The secret is holding onto the clothes that you’ll actually wear—and maybe making some house rags from the others.

While Not Everyone is a Hiking Enthusiast, I Think We All Want to Feel Put-Together and Chic When We’re on a Travel Adventure

So I gathered all the clothes I always reach for first when I’m getting ready for some time in the wilderness – including tips on how to keep things minimalist while looking good.

Featuring Alice + Whittles 100% fairtrade rubber boots, secondhand plaid, Blondie Apparel toque, United By Blue camp mug, Sitka 100% merino wool Henley, Sitka camp socks, hand-knit sweater and Barmah made-in-USA leather hat.

1. Go For Layers

The advantages to layers are twofold: you’re ready for any weather, and you can combine your garments into almost endless styles.

Whenever I travel, I use @leevosburgh’s #10×10 Challenge to help me pack. 10 garments, 10 days, 10 outfits.

Picking items of different fabrics, weights and construction like tank tops, long-sleeved and cardigans—that when matched together can last you longer than you’d expect.

Featuring Sitka 100% merino wool, made in Canada Henley.

2. Wear Organic Or Weather-Tested Fabrics

I can’t stress this enough. When out in the wild, fabrics like chambray, cotton, linen, bamboo, silk and merino wool have been my best friends. I went through the Amazon Jungle wearing some of these fabrics and loved every second of it because they were light, breathable, and insulating.

Wool is a winner, for its ability to regulate body temperature and keep you warm in cold, and wicking moisture to keep you cool in warmer temps.

The best part about these fabrics is you can wear them longer without washing. Wool on its own has antibacterial qualities to help you stay fresh when frolicking through mountains and fields.

This Sitka Henley is 100% merino wool, and is far from the chunky knit you’d expect. So lightweight, even under another wool sweater, and is by far the most soothing and soft on the skin.

Featuring Alice + Whittles 100% fairtrade natural rubber boots.

3. Find Footwear That Works Hard For You

It may be scary, but bringing along only 1 or 2 pairs of shoes is liberating. When I travel (depending on the climate) I usually bring 1 pair of flats/sandals, and 1 pair of more robust walking/hiking shoes—and always durable, flexible materials like leather or natural rubber. Something versatile and breathable can be a game-changer.

Did you know that your feet have a ton of vessels that can very quickly transport blood, meaning they are critical to regulating your body temperature? This means when you’re thinking about footwear, you should pay attention to how they hold temperature—especially after a lot of walking.

Even the right socks matter—I always have cold feet, so a good pair of cabin socks are more than just trendy, they’re an adventure essential. Happy feet = happy human. (Sorry for talking about feet!!)

Featuring Sitka 100% merino wool Henley, Levi’s 501s, and USA-made Barmah hat.

4. Be Stylish And Practical – Don’t Sacrifice One For The Other!

Okay, we all want to look good when travelling. I see bloggers in cute outfits all the time, on the top of a mountain peak looking like a million dollars.

Well, we can’t all look like that every day, so what can we do to feel confident and chic?

My secret is the accessories. If you choose smart, you can bring along a few small items to switch up your looks and add cute details. My go-tos are bandanas (super versatile to wear in unwashed adventure hair, as a scarf in the cold, or even like a scrunchie!) hats (toques—beanies for you non-Canadians—and Indiana-Jones hats, too).

Even a pair of sunglasses are a great way to add some cool to your travel look without over-packing.

Featuring Blondie Apparel fine rib linen toque and Sitka Henley.

5. Know What Makes You Feel You

This is the top tip for me. It’s tough to make sure you pack what you need, but ultimately you should pick things that make you feel confident!

When you choose a few of your favourite things, it changes your outlook on travelling and can keep your attention on the journey, instead of the outfit ☺

Even if your weekends aren’t regularly filled with camping or wandering in nature, these tips can easily translate to your travel life or a weekend away.

The biggest thing to remember is: wear what you love. Focus on the moment. And embrace the comfort and love of natural fabrics!

What are the top tips that you keep in mind when travelling? Pop them into the comments below!



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