9 Quick Tips for the Beginner Thrifter

Change your thrifting game completely.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Thrifting can take a good amount of time so make sure you give your self at least an hour per store.

Depending on how the store is sorted some do it by size or color. I typically prefer when it is color coordinated as size can range so much by brand. I have found tops labeled a size I would not normally wear but they end up fitting.

Go Early

Thrift stores can get packed later in the day, making it hard to look and more stressful when your trying to search an aisle full of people. I like to hit my favorite spots before noon so I can shop as slow as I like without getting in everyones way and feeling crowded or rushed.

Although they are constantly restocking throughout the day I do feel like the busy days seem to be more picked over!

Have a List

Feeling inspired to try a new trend, different color or just have a basic you have been looking for? Keep a list!

I have a constant list kept on my phone notes and just like a grocery list that I add too it when I remember I need something including household items.

Make Friends with the Employees

I can tell you how many times they gave me a discount just because I was nice a friendly!

Another issue that has come up is items that are missing tags will typically not be sold in the same day, and I have had them be nice and price it for me that same day just by being a friendly person. Kindness goes a long way!

Know your Sale Days

Some offer 25% to 50% off on certain days of the week. For sale days I definitely recommend getting there early since they tend to be even more packed on sale day.

Another big sale day are national holidays and those are typically everything in the store being half off.

Keep your Imagination Open

Think DIY! Would a simple hem or replacing the buttons completely transform and modernize a 1980s dress that checks all the other boxes?

I have removed sleeves, shoulder pads, replaced buttons, dyed something a different color, taken to the tailor, and even turned a dress into a super cute shirt. With a little tweaking you can take a thrift store find and make it fit you needs exactly, you just need a little creativity.

Check Everywhere

Levi’s in the mens section, cute sweaters in the teen boys and girls section. Its worth your time to check every spot.

Especially for those that are petite or on the smaller side I have found many great pieces that were accidentally put in the teen section.

I also love to check out the lingerie section for silk blouses that would make a great top.


This cannot be recommend enough! I start my shopping with a cart and pick anything that looks interesting or matches something on my list.

Keeping an open mind is important because you never know how it looks until you try it on.

I also never buy something without trying it on. You can make basic adjustments to pieces but sometime a piece wont look or right on weather it be the color or fabric and its better to know then instead of just buying it.

Before You Check Out

All right so you looked through the whole store and tried on a basket full of clothes and have narrowed it down to a few pieces so what now?

Only buy what you love and know you will use! Avoid buying something just because is a good deal. Otherwise you will end up with a closet full of clothes that you won’t actually wear.

Another tip is to limit the amount of DIY projects you buy. The longer it sits the less likely you are to actually do it. I typically take care of a project it immediately to avoid it just laying in my drawer.

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