7 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Yes, you might want to do it overnight, but there's a reason why you shouldn't.

It’s 2020 and minimalism is becoming more and more popular. If you too have started downsizing one aspect of your life, you’ve probably soon applied it to other areas of your life — or at least plan to.

Nothing wrong with that, but people tend to get a little too ambitious with their approach to minimalism, which ends up being a race to see who can become the most Spartan.

This isn’t the best way to live by the minimalism ethos, which is something we’re going to expand on in this article. Basically we’re here to say: relax. Take it slow and focus on yourself, not others.

As promised, here are some of the most common minimalist mistakes you are probably making with your minimalist wardrobe:

Going Too Plain and Simple

Some people equate minimalism with something looking as sterile as possible. There’s nothing wrong with simple clothes, but it’s definitely not for everyone. If you like some color, design, and flair in your clothes, by all means have them.

Minimalist wardrobes can be as colorful as you wish!

Going Too Minimal, Too Fast

When you catch the minimalist bug, you may get the urge to start getting rid of almost everything. The best way to start your minimalist journey is to take it slow.

You should give yourself time to figure out whether something needs to be kept or parted with. Time is needed to make good decisions.

Aiming for a Specific Number of Items

There are several “challenges” out there today, urging people to get their wardrobe down to a certain number of items. Temporarily these help with being creative, but just remember that a wardrobe is a very personal area of your life.

A 200-item wardrobe may be minimalist if you are living a versatile lifestyle, where you need and use everything. On the other hand, an 80-item wardrobe may not be, if you aren’t using most of it.

Do what works for you, and don’t think about the numbers.

Not Organizing Your Wardrobe When It’s Finally Easy

You may have downsized your wardrobe, but if it’s a disorganized mess, you will not be getting the full benefits of having a minimalist wardrobe. One of the main benefits of going minimalist is that it becomes easier to keep your clothes organized.

You should take some time to give every piece their dedicated spot in your life.

You Try to Make Your Wardrobe Perfect

Perfection is a red herring… it doesn’t exist! You need to accept that no matter how hard you may try, you’ll never get to have that “perfect” wardrobe.

Even if you’re not jumping on every trend, they do affect your preferences. Your tastes shift — there’s no way around that.

Try to find that sweet spot for where you feel you have gotten your wardrobe down to everything you absolutely love or need, even if it wouldn’t feel perfect.

You Keep Choosing Low-Quality Clothes

Your new downsized wardrobe should be the cream of the crop. You’re going to have way less clothes, which means you’re wearing them more.

Nobody’s telling you to only get designer clothing, but be ready to spend a little more to get high quality. Not only will the clothes last longer, but they’ll feel so much better on you.

Buying New ‘Sustainable’ Clothes

Buying sustainably made clothes is common among minimalists, and we always encourage people to pick the sustainable alternative.

However, the most sustainable thing to do is to use what clothes you have right now. Rather than buying new clothes, focus on what you can do with your current clothes. 

Maybe you could try out combinations for new outfits? Perhaps refresh your whole wardrobe by using a fabric shaver on your clothes that have started pilling — making them look new again.

Treating your current wardrobe with care and respect makes your clothes feel even better. Check out our shop for garment care and gentler laundry products!

Wrapping Up

Living a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t have to mean you get rid of anything that won’t fit in a piece of luggage. You can hold onto everything you love and need for your day-to-day life, without going overboard. 

If you notice that you’re making any of the mistakes we mentioned earlier, reform your approach to minimalism. This way, you’ll get the most out of it, without it feeling like you are giving up too much.