4 Minimalist Wardrobe Shopping Habits to Develop

You don't have to quit shopping altogether. Just do it better.

You’ve been working hard to improve you wardrobe situation, building your dream minimalist closet out of the items you absolutely love.

After all this time and effort you have put into the long curative process, it’s finally here. Your perfect, little selection of garments, which are versatile, durable and comfortable, and that best reflect who you are and put a smile on your face every time you open your closet.

Well done! You’ve completed a very big task. I’m sure it wasn’t that easy.

But then, there is another, even harder challenge of keeping your minimalist wardrobe this way. With compulsive buying still on the rise, it is very easy to go back right where we started.

After putting together my dream wardrobe for some time, I’ve began to notice that my shopping habits started to change. The way I search for clothes online, choose the garments for my capsule, plan for them – it’s a whole new process now, which helps me stay true to my style and make more intentional choices.

So, I thought it could be helpful to put together a little guide on the new shopping habits that you could also develop to benefit your minimalist wardrobe over the long term.

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

Here on TMW we’ve talked a lot about investing in staple pieces when it comes to your minimalist wardrobe, but choosing quality over quantity should be about every single item in your closet.

Shopping from your favourite brands, make sure to check the labels on materials and care before purchasing.

Check out earlier posts on Choosing The Right Fabrics For Your Wardrobe and How To Care for Your Clothes, which will help you build a sustainable, long-lasting wardrobe.

Also, TMW offers you a great selection of sustainable garments on our shopping page. All of them were hand-picked from our favourite brands to make your minimalist wardrobe shopping as simple and joyful as possible.

Do Not Compromise – If It Isn’t a Clear Yes, Then It’s a Clear No

After building my first seasonal capsule, I’ve began curating my wardrobe with extra care only choosing the pieces that I truly need and that would add to my ideal style.

I tend to spend more time on finding these items now, patiently waiting for the perfect garment to come my way. And as I now know exactly what I’m looking for, I would no longer compromise for a similar style. Ever.

Time testing my potential purchases is what I’ve started doing when I’m hesitant. Only when I’m 100% sure that I’m happy to make a purchase, that there’re plenty of items already in my wardrobe that I could wear it with, and that it’s good quality that will last – this is when I go for it.

Questioning my every purchase works wonders for my wardrobe. You could use our Before-You-Buy Checklist for that purpose.

Colour-Coordinate Your Wardrobe

I used to love colourful clothes. I used to buy things in colours that I liked without thinking how and what I would wear it with. As a result, I ended up in the “nothing to wear” situation with a wardrobe full of clothes that didn’t work together.

Colour-coordination is key for a minimal wardrobe. There is an amazing blogpost by Anuschka Rees, the author of The Curated Closet, on how to choose a colour palette for your wardrobe. She suggests picking up 3 main colours, 4 accent shades to add variety plus two neutral colours for good balance.

Anuschka also has a step-by-step guide that will help you develop the perfect colour palette for yourself.

Do Not Waste Money On Trends

Avoid investing in trendy pieces because they tend to change way too often. If you keep chasing after trends, it would be very hard for you to create a versatile capsule and forget about the “nothing to wear” forever.

Unless, of course, you absolutely love them and would wear even after they are no longer trendy, or unless you believe they will be around for a while, or unless you can repurpose them.

This makes me think of the recent straw bags trend which I loved. I wanted to buy a straw bag because I knew I could use it as my beach bag for years when it’s no longer cool or appropriate to be worn in the city.

Well, after putting it to my time test I ended up not purchasing one at all. You get the idea.

There are more minimalist wardrobe shopping habits that I would like to share, maybe we could continue with part two of these.

Meanwhile, I’m interested what shopping habits have you developed since adopting a minimalist lifestyle?

Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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